There is a wealth of information online and countless videos, but something I have keen to pay attention is good videos, especially music videos for environmental and conservation messaging. Often, the use of video and music helps convey messages stronger, or with better affective effect, than single visuals or straightforward presentations and narratives.

With that in mind, here I share some recent favorite ones, collected over several months. If you have one in mind, please share!

Of note are the covers, quite creatively, as well as original work, some by teens. I am on the look to also see how some of the work is culturally relevant to other communities, as well as being bilingual or in other languages (specifically Spanish).

So take a view and share your thoughts!

The Fracking Song

Food Fight


REAL Redwood School


Hazla de Toz


Ban the Platic Bag


Muir Woods Rap



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